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Perfiles Estructurales Pultruidos SIESA®

SIESA® Pultruded Structural Profiles

The profiles are produced at angles, channels, tubes and splice plates. Made of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers.

The SIESA® Pultruded Structural Profiles are composed of reinforced polymer (polyester, vinylester and phenolic), manufactured by the pultrusion process.

The SIESA® Pultruded Structural Profiles, provide the best performance in areas where other materials corrode or decay. The pultruded structural profiles are a line of products manufactured in a variety of resin systems for industrial use.

The profiles are produced at angles, channels, tubes and splice plates. All products are composed of glass fiber reinforced polymer and manufactured by the pultrusion process.

The Pultruded Structural Profiles SIESA are 80% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum. Low cost, best results.

Corrosion resistant, lightweight. Insulation material, high chemical and mechanical resistance, dimensionally stable, low maintenance, self-extinguishing. The SIESA Pultruded Structural Profiles are friendly to the environment. Your best investment: are safe, durable and low maintenance.

SIESA® Pultruded Structural Profiles

- Increase security in places where high voltage is used.
- Corrosion resistant, low coefficient of expansion and contraction.
- Upper anti slip surface, light weight.
- Reduce costs and maintenance.
- Stable in different environments.
- Improve safety at work spaces.
- UV protection, with or without anti slip. Applications of pultruded products.
- Platforms.
- Walking manteinance platform and industrial floors.
- Stairs.
- Covers for ditches.
- Trenches.
- Covers.
- Ramps.
- Cooling Towers.
- Bridges.
- Transmission Towers and Electrical Instalation Posts.